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    Trading some of my nice high end hockey for players listed below

    Joe Montana Gu and Autos
    Frank Gore patches and autos
    Willis Patches and Auto

    And as always
    Magic the Gathering
    Almost anything to do with Vintage volkswagen's
    PSP Games and PSP gear.
    Home audio
    Car audio
    Computer Speakers
    Old Matchbox or hotwheels
    Truck Parts for a 99 Sonoma or s-10
    Photography gear
    Chevy s-10 and GMC Sonoma Equipment
    maybe other stuff too

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    Have the following ft
    PSP games
    Grand Theft auto Liberty city
    SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 2
    Rainbow six Vegas
    Pirates of the Caribbean 1
    Roy Williams SPX Spectrum auto/jsy/football rc #d to 25.

    Interested in maybe a Farve auto or Your Ovy yg. Any decent auto rcs in Football or Hockey

    Cheers Brian

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