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    Arrow Trading for Malkin (Auto's Mid-High End RC's)

    Looking to trade the following for Evgeni Malkin Auto's and Mid -High End RC's

    Pic's are all on site:

    For Trade:

    08-09 UD Black Marks of Obsidian Eric Staal MO-ES auto/jrsy 15/35

    07-08 Ultimate Collection Debut Threads David Perron DTDP RC Auto/Jrsy 3/35

    07-08 SG Game Used Rookie Exclusives David Perron Auto 10/100

    07-08 SPX David Perron #228 Au/Jrsy RC Blue/Blue 852/999

    07-08 SPX David Perron #228 Au/Jrsy RC Blue/Yellow 216/999

    95-96 UD Be A Player Signatures (Die Cuts)** Mike Modano S153

    05-06 UD Trilogy Ice Scripts Mike Modano IS-MM Auto

    06-07 SP Authentic Signs of the Times Dual Jordan Staal/ Colby Armstrong ST_SA

    06-07 UD Rookie Materials Evgeni Malkin RM-EM

    05-06 SPX Johan Franzen Auto/Jrsy RC #176 431/1499

    07-08 UD The Cup Chirography Ilya Kovalchuk CC-IK 48/50

    05-06 SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Ryan Getzlaf RA-RG AU 158/250

    05-06 Ultra Fresh Ink Ryan Getzlaf FI-RG SP VVHTG

    HiGh eND PC possibly for trade:

    05-06 Hot Prospects Auto Prized Prospects Patches Ryan Getzlaf #218 (14/349) (Purple)

    07-08 SP Game Used Ryan Getzlaf #98 Auto Parallel 9/10 VVHTG

    06- 07 SP Game Used Ed. Letter Marks Marc-Andre Fleury LM-MF 1/50 1/1**

    08-09 SP Game Used Letter Marks Paul Stasnty LM-PS 38/50

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