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Thread: my rant( i hate to rant)

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    my rant( i hate to rant)

    ok so i see a new members trading thread and notice that the bucket is the same name as this old user that got suspened last month for like 30 days or something like that (really cant you just wait it out)so i dont know if anyone cares but.


    this ticked me off considering that he has sort of been my friend for awhile not just on here but on at least 6 sites!!!!!!

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    ive seen that happen too, it isnt one of those things that really ticks me off. but i can definitely see how it could be for someone.

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    Report it to a mod, please.
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    i have in past like similer thing none of the really care so i better break a rule(kinda) and pm mike

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    Just report a post in which that person posted and put in the comment area that you believe this person to be a banned member and which banned member it was. That will help out a lot.

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