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Thread: Huge ud timeline mojo!!!

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    Huge ud timeline mojo!!!

    Hey, so I go to my card shop today. Me and my brother were looking to buy a box. We were leaning for Sp Authentic but we agreed on Timelines. It was $21 for each of us. I got more than my $$ worth. Here is my box break and my brother got a Ryan Jackson auto(draft prospect). In my first 2 packs i got:

    I got a ton of Base and 2 YSL's. If you want I can post the whole break. This is such a great hit for me seeing I traded my Allen Iverson auto when I pulled it. I will let you know who it is when I find out in like 10 minutes.

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    Oh yeah. I sumbited the redemption and they did not say. I sent a email to UD and will call them. I'm sorry I did not say anything. I cat wait to see.

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    Awesome Pulls!
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    nice pulls man
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    sweet deal dude. Best of luck on the redemption...hopefully its someone nice

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