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Thread: some newer cards FT

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    some newer cards FT

    hey just throwin some new cards out here FT, lookin for some cubs jersey or autos, Curtis Granderson Gu or auto, or trade bait. or i can sell but i dont like naming prices and most people want me to price them.

    Dont CMB it only has hockey in it.

    YSL Andy Pettite Jersey
    UDX Evan Meak auto (x2)
    UDX Brian Bixler auto
    UDX MArlon Byrd auto
    UDX Johan Santana Yellow Printing Plate

    LMK if u like anything
    Thanks a bunch, Nairb.

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I could use your Santana 1/1 plate. Check my site for it if you will. Dave

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    Lo Duca Fan- nice stuff (especially the johan PC), but nothin i can use.

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