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Thread: varlamov #6-100 for sale/trade

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    varlamov #6-100 for sale/trade

    Hi all i am not 100% sure i want to sell this but i do need i will look at on this baby means nothing so if you have an offer make it a real one i will ignore lowball offers SORRY have to spend the time on the real traders in the group.i may consider a 50-50 cash trade if the right card(s) is offered. plmk what you feel it is worth to you. lmk what you have but cash or a hugh lot will have to me included (something i can make cash off of fast) as we all know this one is a sure sale.thanks look forward to the offers.

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    not putting a bv it is to hot and has not set a price for itself yet.thats why i said taking offers so lmk what you want to offer best to pm me for fastest replies (and maybe first pick)

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    one more time pm me an offer i dont have time to keep looking at buckets to many people want me to.if you want it i want big rcs,or a large package if mid-level rc,and cash.i will only look back here once a day ( to answer all ) so pm all offers if you dont want it to be gone thanks

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