Hows everyone doing ?

Just finished up with my SPA break .. will be posting my pulls , it was a decent break ... Personally I was disappointed just cause I guess I was looking for specific things but I do love this set . I laughed when I left the store and said to the owner this should last me the weekend Ill see ya next week . But I have a feeling I will be back in there tomorrow even though I realllly shouldn't , Just need to fill this personal hole cause for some reason I just feel dissapointed after this last break .

You guys have been a great help and i'm just going to ask plain and simple ....

if you were going out tomorrow to buy a box , would ya snag a another box of 08-09 SPA or a box 08-09 BTP? if not either ... What would you ?

There any sell sheets for 08-09 BTP?