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    Announcement: May/June Monthly goodie bag Contest

    On popular demand we run this one last time for the season. Since it's already a bit into May we do for the full Playoffs in June too. Consider your picks wisely, it's very tactical thinking about which team/player will go the full way and thus most likely be the scoring leader.

    If you are a lowend collector who still enjoy basecards, inserts/parallells, gameused and autos of lower values, this contest is for you!

    The prize consists of a "goodie bag", which will vary from month to month. Each time there will be a mix of autographs, gameused, basecards and inserts. The fun part is you don't know what it is until you've won it!

    *Two not rules applied!

    To enter you must meet these requirements:

    1) Guess which player will be the scoring leader of the month
    2) Guess how many goals this player will score
    3) Guess how many assists this player will make
    4) Guess how many Points totally the player makes
    5) Guess how many penalty minutes the player will have
    6) If two or more persons have the right player picked but not one other fact correct, a draw will be held.

    5) Added for this months' contest so we really get a winner, add a secondary choice player! If no one's first choice is the right player, the person with the second choice wins. Same rules apply.


    You can register for this contest from 17:00pm EST 9 May until the 15th May 11.59pm EST. Only one guess per member. You are not allowed to edit your post after you've made your guesses. Any member who edits his post will be disqualified.

    Reply to this thread with your guesses. The winner will be determined by guessing the right player, if needed the right nr of goals, assists, and pim's, in exactly that order. If more then one member guess the right player but none of the other guesses are correct, the member with the closest guess of nr of goals, assists, pim's (in that order) will win.

    If no one guess the right player the contest prize will transfer over to next month's contest creating a jackpot. If the following month also lacks a winner the month after will have an even bigger jackpot, etc.

    SCF staff cannot participate in this contest.

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    1. Crosby, 18 G, 11 A, 29 pts 6 PM
    2. Malkin, 10 G, 18 A, 28 pt 16 PM

    Thanks again!

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    Go Pens!
    It will be embarassing if I don't win since I'm the only one in the contest this time. :)

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    Two contestants, well, it's the sunny weather probably. Good luck to you both!

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    I think I won this won with Malkin! When you have a chance, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Yes you did, congrats!!

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    Thanks very much and thanks for a great contest. The cards will be a HUGE help to my hockey collection (which isn't so great so far). Thanks!

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