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    My $80 money order for your High-End card!

    Looking for a one-shot deal. I will buy any team, any player. Autos prefered.

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    check the bucket some nice stuff there.
    Checkout my custom cards Hidden Content

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    Wow, I would love to have the SPx Jeter auto. If you could sell that one to me for the full $80, that would be amazing. LMK, thanks!

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    hey man want to work out another deal? Feel free to check my bucket..could really use that $80!


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    Sorry Matt, but I think I'll pass. Looking for Ripkin, Jeter, Topps Sterling and the like.

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    My Boggs Auto BGS 9.5 that you have looked at before along with the Uggla you wanted...LMK, Thanks!

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    Guys, I am currently pending with the Jeter auto. All the guy has to do is get his feedback transferred. It might be a little while.

    Joey- OFF TOPIC: Can I just snatch the Uggla off of 'ya of 300 CC? LMK, thanks!

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    if you can add $10 or a card that sells $10 then you can get a Porcello AFLAC auto for $90

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    Mike- I dunno, Porcello would be a big risk. If the Jeter deal doesn't work out though, you will get a pm!

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