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    Pogge, Mason, Schenn, Malkin and many more

    Hey everyone, I havn't tried puting up some scans for a bit...tried posting for enforcer's a while back and had all of 2 maybe 3 bites so here are some scans and once again looking for stuff in my sig but would really like to find some more tough customer items, and enforcers. A few of the cards I am dealing will have premiums for the 4/3 colours etc...Pogge/Rask/Joseph/Vishnevskiy

    I will look through buckets so don't hesitate to enquire however will lean towards deals for PC items.

    I also have plenty of other stuff in the bucket (very stale stuff) and if anyone needs Victory RCs lmk as I have a pile of them including Stamkos.

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    A Sunday Morning bump...Happy Mothers Day to all the great Moms' out there who either collect or put up with our collecting addiction.

    It is like pulling teeth trying to get stuff for my PC's now...time to start a new one???

    terpstradust...even though we couldn't make a deal thanks for the try.

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    I could really use that Miller SOTT. I have an Okposo Rookie Materials if interested
    Lee Stempniak
    (96.9%, 28 1/1's, 5 Gamers, 3 Sticks) & Cal Clutterbuck (91.0%, 21 1/1's, 1 Stick)
    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
    Click link for: Hidden Content or Hidden Content

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    I'd love a shot at the Miller SOTT, Malkin National Pride, and Kaleta Artifacts RC.

    Take a look at my bucket when you have time and LMK.

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