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Thread: Past weeks mail

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    Past weeks mail

    I was in Ohio for an unpleasant event and just got back a couple days ago. I finally got around to scanning the cards in. Only 2 packages but a couple nice cards.

    Not Scanned:

    Arron Afflalo 07-08 UD First Edition Draft Notices
    Arron Afflalo 07-08 UD Santa Hat Rookie
    8 other Afflalo base I have duplicates of.

    Onto the scans:

    This one may be for trade but I might want to hold onto it for a little while:

    Ben Gordon /99

    and one more for the Afflalo PC:

    Gold Refractor /99

    Thanks for looking.

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    Sweet Pickups!! I use to have a Gordon GU just like that!
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    Well.....that's a nice lil package to come home to. Sweet mailday. I'd really be interested in see that:
    Arron Afflalo 07-08 UD Santa Hat Rookie
    Don't think I've seen any new ones since the Kobe and Garnett ones.


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    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Ponyboy: here is a pic of the Afflalo santa hat.

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