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    2009 A Piece of History Blaster

    Went to Walmart for some gardening supplies and grabbed a blaster of 2009 A Piece of History. Broke a box of this stuff last year so I wanted to take a look at this year's design.

    I think the base and moments design was simpler and better last year, but they're alright this year. I hate the way the A Piece of Hollywood memorabilia cards look...would it kill them to put a small pic or at least the name of the actor rather than the name of the movie?


    A Piece of Hollywood: Shirt "Spanglish" (yellow shirt worn by Adam Sandler)

    Red - #4 Adam Dunn in a Diamondbacks jersey
    Blue - #27 Victor Martinez (253/299)

    Timeless Moments Albert Pujols (299/999)
    20th Anniversary Retrospective Bill Russell #932

    105 Aceves
    110 Cervelli
    117 Gamels
    119 Golson
    122 LeBlanc
    129 Niese
    134 Snider

    Star Base:
    13 Jacoby
    31 Tulowitzki
    45 Vlad
    47 Man Ram the cheat
    61 Pedro Martinez
    63 Jeter
    64 Chien-Ming Wang
    93 Josh Hamilton

    Historic Moments
    159 Pearl Harbor
    163 Earth Day???
    167 Boy Scouts?
    179 Eiffel
    187 Rushmore
    195 NY
    199 Euro

    All FT

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    Nice Break for a blaster!
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    nice sandler
    Collect Rocco Baldelli, Red Sox, Colts, Evan Longoria, Felix Hernandez, David Price, Josh Hamilton and any auto/gu that catches my eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HanleyTrader View Post
    ...would it kill them to put a small pic or at least the name of the actor rather than the name of the movie?
    That would require them to pay royalties to the actor or the movie company I'm pretty sure. That's why they don't do it.

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    very nice sandler!

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    I guess you're right about the image, but don't they have to pay royalties for listing the actor and movie on the back of the cards? If so, why not just put it on the front of the card instead?

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