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    My Ebay Win---> OVECHKIN Rookie!

    Picked this up on Ebay, its a beauty!

    Sorry for the Ebay scan, I will make a scan of it soon!

    How much do you think I paid for it? I might as well have a little bit of fun with it, hehe

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    great find, why is this not a rookie card? I thought 05-06 was his rookie year and this is the gold parallel......Ill say 20 dlvd

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    hhmm...the regular version books at $80 and sells for around 35-40..

    Im saying you got this one for $56

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    50 dlvd
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    Nice card, what happens if we guess right?

    $56 usd dlvd.

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    Very nice pickup! I'll take a wild guess and say $49.99 shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oilfan10 View Post
    Nice card, what happens if we guess right?

    $56 usd dlvd.
    I dont think anything happens...but you guessed the same as me a few posts after me so if we're right...I win lol

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