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    Evan Longoria Bowman Chrome RC Auto FS

    I have this very nicely centered Evan Longoria 2006 Bowman Chrome RC Auto that I'm looking to sell right now, not actively looking to trade on it. These are doing very well right now, selling for above $200 on Ebay. I have this posted for sale at $190 on another site, just thought I'd give some others a look see and put it up for sale here also. LMK if you're interested in it and check out the scan to see how nice it is, should grade nicely if you choose to do so. Thanks for the look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodaa24 View Post
    what is up buddy?

    hey Chad... PM answered

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    Quote Originally Posted by somedayraysgowin View Post
    id like a swing

    card has been sold, sorry...

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