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    $$$ for rare grant hill cards & rare 90s inserts & parallels

    plmk what you have got

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    94-95 UD SP Premier Prospects rc #3 of Grant Hill.
    94-95 Ultra "All-Rookie Team" #2 of Grant Hill.
    94-95 fleer "1st Year Phenoms" #1 of Grant Hill (2).
    94-95 Hoops "magics all rookies" #AR3 of Grant Hill.
    94-95 fleer "Lottery pick" rc #3 of Grant Hill.
    95-96 Stadium Club "Team of one" #3 of Grant Hill.
    95-96 Skybox "Usa Basketball" insert #U2 of Grant Hill.
    95-96 Topps "Rattle & roll" insert #R3 of Grant Hill.
    97-98 Fleer "Franchise Futures" die cut insert #5 of Grant Hill.
    97-98 Stadium Club "hardcourt Heroes" insert #H10 of Grant Hill.
    98-99 UD "Aerodynamics" insert #A9 of Grant Hill.
    98-99 Stadium Club "Wing men" insert #W6 of grant Hill.
    99-00 Topps "Team Topps" insert #TT17 of Grant Hill.
    00-01 Fleer "Sharp Shooters" insert #SS14 of Grant Hill.
    92-93 Stadium club "Beam team" #8 of Glen rice.
    90-91 Fleer "rookie Sensation' #8 of Tim Hardaway (2).
    92-93 Fleer "All Star Weekend" #14 of Tim Hardaway.
    92-93 Stadium Club "Beam Team" #1 of Shaquille O'neal.
    92-93 Hoops "supreme Court" #SC2 of Scottie Pippen.
    92-93 UD "Michael Jordans flight Team" #FT9 of La Phonso Ellis.
    90-91 Fleer "All star" #5 of Micheal Jordan.
    94-95 Fleer "Super Star" #5 of Scottie Pippen.
    94-95 Ultra "Scoring Kings" ##5 of Shaquile O'Neal.
    92-93 Ultra "All-rookie" #7 of Shaquille O'neal.
    95-96 fleer Metal "maximum Metal" #8 of Shaquille O'neal.
    94-95 SP Premium collection hologram #PC29 of Shaquille Oneal.
    95-96 Hoops "Grant all rookies" #AR9 of Damon Stoudamire.
    93-94 Hoops "Magics All Rookie Team" #1 of Chris Webber.
    93-94 Hoops "big numbers" #BN8 of Anfernee hardaway.
    lmk if you want any.

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    got them all already, thank you

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