I have all of the following available for sale/trade. If trading, I'm looking for 09 goudey autos that i need (SR get priority), 08 bowman sterling gold refractors that I need, 08 masterpieces autos that I need, and possibly rockies autos. Feel free to make purchase offers. This lot can be had for $25 dlvd right now.

SP’s: 91,97,98,100,106,109,111,114(2),115,116,120,
RC: Longoria 7
Framed Black: 31,44,45,71,85,90,107
Framed Red: 31,36,55
Framed Green #/75: 97,24
Captured on Canvas GU:
Manny Ramirez
Curt Schilling
Stroke Of Genius AU:Brandon Phillips
Nick Swisher

YSL: 2127,2152,2177,2382,2532,4454,4479,4504