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    Getting rid of some Football for some CC

    LMK whatcha like from me. need some CC since im dead broke now. thanx!

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    how much for the p. manning gu and or ray rice gu?

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    Stain- would need 700cc dlvd for the Manning GU and 450cc for the Ray Rice GU

    FCardFreak- Replying to pm now...

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    no idea. i dont own a beckett plus i dont go by BV. thanx

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    no problem. how much for the o'connel auto? just noticed you had autos ion your bucket too.

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    ehh.. would probably need more then what you have available. actually, could probably part with it for ALL of your cc. lmk. thanx

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    ill give you it all for the oconnell. ill post it.

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