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    Bk jerseys for trade mcgrady amare and more bring your unwanted gu here!

    here is the easy deal. These are my dups. I haven't made any trades in quite awhile and want to get a few done.
    I want in return some GU I don't have. Can be BK, HK or Baseball. Only FB I want are Colts, Steelers or Cowboys
    Detroit and Indiana teams a plus but if you offer me something of equal value and I don't have it, I will make the trade.
    The Mcgrady books $25, the rest in the $10-$15 range.
    Will also entertain #'d inserts of stars /50 or less.
    What I don't want are event used cards of rookies nobody has heard of. Some of these are stars and even the lesser guys at least have played several years.
    I am not interested in checking photobuckets or trade lists. PM or post what you want and what you want rid of.
    So, who wants what?

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    could use the mcgrady and fizer/chandler....have these:

    01-02 UD Hardcourt Game Floor/Game Film SJ-F Stephen Jackson $10
    01-02 UD Playmakers Player’s Club Gold Warm Up JR-GW /250 Jamaal Magliore $12
    01-02 Upper Deck Flight Team Jersey Jams #SF-J Steve Francis $12
    02-03 Upper Deck Championship Drive #128 Drew Gooden 363/400 $25
    03-04 Bazooka Boo-Yah #BBY-LS Latrell Sprewell $12
    03-04 Black Diamond Jerseys BD-MO Michael Olowokandi $12
    03-04 Fleer Mystique Shining Stars Jerseys #SS-DG Drew Gooden $12
    03-04 SP Signature Edition #111 Mickael Pietrus /499 $10
    03-04 Topps Chrome Game Time Gear Relics #LO Lamar Odom $12
    03-04 Upper Deck Finite Dual Warmups #FE16 Ratliff/Abdur-Rahim $12
    04-05 Fleer Tradition Rookie Throwback Threads Ball Chris Duhon $10
    04-05 Fleer Tradition Rookie Throwback Threads Ball Josh Smith $12
    04-05 Upper Deck Hardcourt Materials #HM-JC Jamal Crawford $10
    05-06 Finest Fact Relics #AJ Antawn Jamison /1629 $10

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    I can use the Odom for the Fizer/Chandler but for the Mcgrady I would need another star jersey. I wouldnt care if it was a $15 Kobe or a $20 Wade etc because I think $25 is too much for the Mcgrady but I want one decent card back for it.

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    any of these stars?

    03-04 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Jerseys #DN-J Dirk Nowitzki $15
    02-03 Upper Deck Ovation Authentics Warm-Ups Dual KM/AK Karl Malone/Andrei Kirilenko $20
    01-02 Fleer Exclusive Vinsanity Collection Vince Carter Shirt #2 $20
    01-02 Inspirations Hardwood Imagery JK/KM Jason Kidd/Kenyon Martin $20

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    Those guys I put on par with Mcgrady. Good players. no championships. Same hobby love as Mcgrady So I would trade for those names but the book would need to be even.
    Give Me Dirk and some other choices at $10. Any extra Pacers or Pistons laying around there?? I can always use Stuckey or even some of the older guys like Ben Wallace in a Pistons uniform. Paul Pierce or Chris Bosh Maybe?

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    i could do this pierce:
    02-03 Flair Court Kings Game Used CK-PP Paul Pierce $10

    post it up!!

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    trade posted. I use bubble mailers, top loaders, sleeves and team bags to seal the shipments. I would appreciate the same in return.

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    2 gone. anyone need any of the rest?

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