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    High End RC Chrome Autos FT/FS- Hanley, Wright, Braun, Billingsley RC Autos

    Throwing these Chrome Autos out there for trade. Not looking for anything in particular, just any high-end that catches my eye. Looking to trade or sell for the prices listed. Thanks for looking!

    2005 Bowman Chrome Ryan Braun Rookie Auto ($150 sv)

    2003 Bowman Chrome Hanley Ramirez Rookie Auto ($160 sv)

    2003 Bowman Chrome Chad Billingsley Rookie Auto ($40 sv)

    2002 Bowman Chrome David Wright Rookie Auto PSA 9 ($260 sv)

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    I have interest in the braun cmb please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serputzalot View Post
    I have interest in the braun cmb please.
    Sorry didn't really see anything.

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    I am interested in the Braun. I have 1999 Stadium Club Co-Signers CS3 AROD/Rolen. Bv is the same as the Braun. This is a nice card with signatures on the card. LMK if you have any interest.


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    I have interest in any or all of them. cmb and let me know.

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    I'll trade you my Wright PSA 9 Chrome Auto plus something else for your Braun/Hanley.

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