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Thread: Josh Hamilton IP Good Story

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    josh hamilton has been like that ever since he was drafted. i got him waaaaaaaaay back when he was first drafted right into class a(i lived near the team he first played for)

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    I know he had some problems a few years back, but he has always been great to his fans. I wish the REDS had found a way to lock him up into a longterm contract. They called Sean Casey the Mayor? Josh would have been the perfect long term replacement for fan and community involvement! In case anyone was wondering he did sign TTM for me last year. Yeah he is one of the best hitters in baseball right now, but still finds time to answer fanmail! I definately want to see him at this years HR Derby!
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    hamilton is a great guy i have seen him 3 times now and he's never told me no for an autograph yet.

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