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    what are the best general rookie cards to get of a guy?

    i like the SP Athentics rookie cards, and of course the young guns...

    if you were to go for the three main rookie cards, which would you attack...

    i like YG / SPA / SPX

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    I do YG because they're within my budget.

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    The Cup, SP Authentic, YG
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    RGM has it spot on. YG have the highest growth to cost potential, SPA seems to keep its value even if a player falls off, because of the love of design, and Cup is the home run product. If a guy becomes a superstar his Cup RC is guaranteed to be in demand.

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    YG are for sure my favorite to collect. The wax is reasonable in price, so I can build a set without breaking the bank.

    The SPA, SPX, Cup... highend stuff like that..... I'll go after singles of players I want to collect. SPA probably my favorite from that list.

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    I agree if money isn't an issue The Cup rookies are the ones to nab. I f not the Sp Authentic rookie's are GREAT and as always no collection is complete until you have the young gun rookie as well!!

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    the cup, black diamond (i like the parallels), ice

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    I'm putting my efforts into YG, and I like Ray33's Victory as well.

    Next year will likely be a different story. We'll see how I feel then.
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