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    Upper Deck to Offer Horse Hair and Butterfly Cards

    I got to see these first hand. Article here.

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    when did sports cards become animal planet cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox12 View Post
    when did sports cards become animal planet cards?
    Nice way to put it....for a Red Sox fan.

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    wow hahaha
    Collect Rocco Baldelli, Red Sox, Colts, Evan Longoria, Felix Hernandez, David Price, Josh Hamilton and any auto/gu that catches my eye.

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    jeez... atleast things are looking up...


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    I like the dinosar bones theme. I think the rest is a little trivial though.

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    I'd hate to buy a box costing well over $100 and have a butterfly be the huge "hit".

    But a clump of Secretariat's hair might actually be pretty cool....

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    Horse hair from famous horses doesn't sound THAT bad, as for the butterfly cards, maybe in a kids set, but don't see many people chasing those.

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