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    Mail Month...The Bomb Has Arrived!!!! Scan Heavy!! And a farewell for now....

    This is only PART 1...............Be sure to check out PART 2 also!!!!

    Well I've been a little slow with my mail week posts and I apologize. It's just when the warm weather hits I don't feel like being in front of my computer. So this will be my last mail post until the fall when Hockey fever sets in again. Thanks to all the members who have traded with me this season and to the many who I have bought from.

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A special thanks to Chris for working a deal with me for the AWESOME Toews card at the end of this post. It's a BOMB!!!!!!!!!

    So here we go.......First off some basic RC's I grabbed.

    Now some higher end and low numbered RC's.

    Sprinkle in some Game Used..........

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    Fantastic Hawks cards.
    Lots of nice patches and autos.
    Great stuff!

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    great hawk stuff, congrats on the nice pick ups

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    Thanks people, always looking to add to the collection. Any Hawks stuff out there for trade or sale that I need, please LMK.


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    amonte tools of greatness cards are frickin awesome
    deee-troit sucks

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