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    A big trade completed! w/ pics!

    So, I'm sure everyone here can relate to the idea of seeing someone who has an item on here that is literally the dream piece for their collection. I've seen several things I would like, but I have only seen one thing I HAD TO HAVE. And thanks to Rockettrudel, I now have it.

    It took a boatload of 09 SPA Auto RCs, but I am more than sure it's worth it.

    A Rick Nash game-used stick.

    Rockettrudel obtained it from Rick Nash's financial planner, who traded it for pins at a tournament in Quebec City. I was able to authenticate it all the way back to Rick himself, which I did for piece of mind and insurance purposes. It's funny that I have wanted one of these FOR YEARS, and they are VERY HARD to obtain, as he keeps all his sticks to give away mostly to charity, and very few make it into the hobby, and i got one that had been in Columbus for all this time until just a couple months ago. I know of 3 in the game used hobby, and when I had it appraised by one of the biggest names in the hobby, he'd never even seen one to that point.

    This particular stick was used in the 06-07 season for 2 games against new jersey and colorado. He got an assist, but didn't score with it (the only thing that makes it less than pefect).

    I've had it for quite a while, but I waited to announce it until Rockettrudel got his end, as he had to send first due to the rules of the site. He's a completely solid trader, and kudos to him for this great trade.

    Here's the pics on what along with my game used jersey from the first season and first NHL regular season games of the NHL is now the cornerstone of my collection.

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    Congrats on the True PC piece.

    Very very nice. Thanks for sharing
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    Awesome PC pick up!!! Would love to get a Sundin one for myself!!!
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    Cant wait to get my first GU stick, congrats!!!!!!!

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    This is far from my first stick, but it's one of my favorites. I've had several over the years including one I got during an on-ice ceremony in the first game back from the lockout, another a player went out of his way to give me as thanks for helping with some charitable stuff for the CBJ foundation, and one I got from a player I got to know pretty well the first year the CBJ were here because of the booster club.

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    very nice addition to the collection, congratsq

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