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Thread: blaster of 09 heritage

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    blaster of 09 heritage

    Got nothing major but figured id list what i did in case anyone needs anything
    did get 4 sp cards in 8 packs

    base just ask

    444 mike fontenot
    475 derek lowe
    481 kevin youkilis
    500 billy wagner

    chrome #d to 1960
    carlos beltran

    chrome ref #d to 560
    miguel cabrera

    then and now
    ernie banks/ryan howard

    new age performers
    evan longoria

    bill mazeroski

    so all in all not to bad and scratched my itch to rip

    all are ft for sorianos i need or mcgwire inserts

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-Rod3 View Post
    i wouldnt mind that longoria
    have anything of soriano or any mcgwire inserts

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesky8921 View Post
    I need some sp's if you want to trade
    only thing i really saw of interest is your desean jackson masterpieces gu

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