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Thread: 2008 Sweet Spot Tin Bust

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    2008 Sweet Spot Tin Bust

    The wifey bought me a2008 Sweet Spot tin for our 4 year anniversary, what can I say.....she knows what I would like. Anywayz, below are the pack busts....dunno if it was a good bust but the thought is what counts.

    Pack 1:
    T. Hoffman
    D. Wright
    J. Papelbon
    R. Oswalt
    A. Pujols
    T. Hunter
    D. Uggla
    J. Santana
    YSL #3758- Roy White

    Pack 2:
    J. Bay
    G. Sizemore
    M. Ordonez
    A. Rios
    M. Tejada
    B. Butler
    F. Sanchez
    L. Berkman
    YSL #3783- Thurman Munson

    Pack 3-
    J. Reyes
    R. Martin
    C. Jones
    D. Willis
    J. Beckett
    R. Braun
    C. Young (PC---DBACKS)
    YSL #937 Joe McCarthy
    The Hit--
    Sweet Swatch Memorabilia- Alfonso Soriano (Blue Piece)

    thanx for the look

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    It is a retail tin.... 3 packs with one having the gu or auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoney168 View Post
    They have retail tins of this stuff?
    yea i always see them at target for $29.99. I've opened two tins from there and one had a Peavy patch and the other had a Hanley Auto :)

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