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Thread: Selling All of my Non-PC

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    Selling All of my Non-PC

    I am selling all of my Non-PC stuff in all sports- Let me know what you are interested in and I will PM you a price. I am not going to be giving things away but prices will be good as I am serious about selling. I will charge actual shipping prices.


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    prices on these please;

    jeter auto
    ortiz auto
    both pujols auto
    arod auto



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    prices on David ortiz TTT aut
    verlander TTT auto

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    pm's returned,

    mechjo- 45 on the ortiz, 35 on the verlander

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    will you do $75 for both. also what's the price on the jeter

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    I can do 75 plus a couple bucks for s/h on both. 100 on the Jeter.

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    ok, I'll take the verlander and Ortiz TTT post it up

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    trade posted and all pm's replied .

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    PM Prices on these.

    Soriano Stadium Club
    Griffey Sweet Spot
    Ryan auto
    Biggio patch
    1960 Banks
    both Ripken autos
    both Pujols autos
    Mariano Rivera auto
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    I trade by BV.

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