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    FS/(T?) Chris Paul/Deron Williams RC Auto

    05-06 SP Authentic Signs of the Times Dual Auto 38/50
    last one sold on ebay for $185. I don't need quite that much, but I'm looking for about $170.

    (i'll consider trades, but won't check buckets. All trade offers must have at least a nice Michael Jordan, Tyrus Thomas, or Derrick Rose to be considered)

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    no one?

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    100 u got a deal

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbrjunkie888 View Post
    100 u got a deal
    no thanks. the last one sold for $185

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    thats a sick card.. im my pc i got the ultimate collection on card 7/25.. paid $200 before they were superstars and had offers up to $500 last season! great card! if u see anything let me know i would give the full sv..

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    its really not easy for me to check buckets, since photobucket is blocked on the computers I spend the most time on.

    I did get to take a quick peak last night though. Don't laugh if values are way off, I didn't get a chance to check yet, so I'm kinda winging it.

    xrap18 - I liked that LeBron auto I saw. Its probably too much, but I don't know for sure yet. Other than that, I didn't see too much

    kobelover_24 - you've got some awesome stuff in there. I really don't need most of it though, but I am intrigued by that Gale Sayers auto. What kind of value does it have?

    muffinman009- thanks, but I didn't see anything I was looking for.

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