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    If youre a facebook member, or join facebook, and become a fan of Upper Deck on facebook. Great information (like the checklist for SP champs mini autos, or the artifacts redemptions!) are available there first!!!

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    I think we've already had a topic on this, but yeah they're doing a bang-up job over there. I've asked at least 3-4 questions so far and Chris usually answers within a couple hours.
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    I already called them out for using Joe Sakic's autograph on the Stamkos OPC Premier preview image, came back with:

    Correct, it's a mock up to give you an idea of what the card will look like. Sometimes the designers use other signatures, especially on rookies, as they are not always readily available.
    Hmmm.. They've had Stamkos autos as early as when, SPx?
    - Kevin

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    Unless they made the Stamkos design back in the fall or earlier and didn't have time to slap his auto on it when it became available

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    i just became fan #497 3 more to go, lol

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    someone could be lucky #500, i just took 499
    deee-troit sucks

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