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    Paypal for those that can make me a custom 8x10

    Now, I need these to be clear when printed out as 8x10s, I will paypal, after I see the work, I will be meeting Darryl Strawberry and Harmon Killebrew next week, and I would like to pay someone to make these for me, and print them out at the drug store. For those that are good with photoshop, this is a quick 6 bucks.

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    i'll try and get em done tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikitomoka View Post
    i'll try and get em done tomorrow
    Sounds good! If you could, I'd like the Strawberry in a Mets uniform, that's all I require, go crazy, put your own spin on it, I just want a nice looking signed photo.

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    I have a Harmon Killebrew unsigned 8 x 10 photo. Any chance I could throw you some money and you can get it signed for me?

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    sorry man, im not gonna have any time to finish these.

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