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    Cool Carl Edwards 99/99 Worth anything?

    Hey guys I just got into the cards and I Have a 2008 Prominent Pieces

    Carl Edwards glove(2color) and firesuit. Beckett posts it at $30 for regular

    ones. How much does his car# and being last one add to price? When I

    figure out how to add pics I will put one on here. Thanks I also have the

    60/99 his Nationwide car #. It is the highlight of my collection so far.

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    very nice cards-would love to see the pics-as a fellow Edwards collector-door #s usually add 25% or more to the value-for instance-I paid 15 dollars for a door # from element-where as the regular would go for about 5 dollars-it varies a lot but usually about 25% more-hope that helps.

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    Sounds really nice! If you need help with pics, PM me :)

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    Sounds like a sweet card!! Would love to see a pic of it!! On door #`s it depends really. A collector who would really want to add it to there collection would give alot more for it than say someone who didn`t collect Edwards.


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