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    How often do you play, I would be interested but most liekly coulndt make all the games

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    I wanna play today...going to hop on now. Eric and I are the managers of the team (him being the main one though). I will add anyone who wants to be on the team and we can play some games!
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    Just updated my friends list for xbox live via computer. I am going to hop on later tonight (around 9 probably) and add everyone who asked to the roster.

    We are still in desperate need of some solid D-men and a goalie.

    If you are interested in joining Team SCF for XBOX 360, please reply to this thread with your gamertag. Thanks.

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    9 eastern or pacific or what? i will be on so we can play. and did you updated me as a GM? :)
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    no I haven't been online all day. I am getting on in a few minutes actually, just gonna grab some food first. I will update everything then, including you as GM.

    Just remember to only keep it SCF limited. Only people who are registered users on SCF may be a part of this team.

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    I know. I will be on in a few too. Then we can play and up that record. Got a decent warmup this morning (aka played a few games of Ranked OTP and scored 4 g 1 a in one game) so hopefully i wont be terrible again
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    Little update: Eric and I played 2 games before his modem crapped out. We went 1-1. 1st game we played a team that was good defensively and just did the same crap one-timers over and over again. We lost like 3-1ish. 2nd game was a great matchup. Was back and forth with us leading the most and them playing catchup. Eric took like 4 penalties in pretty much the 3rd alone and game was 6-6 at end of regulation. We went into OT on the powerplay. I got the puck behind the net, walked it out front, snipe top corner wto win 7-6. Eric had like 3 goals 2 assist that game and i had 2 g 2 a. Go team SCF! overall record is 2-2-1
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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    Yeaaa thats right, I recorded the first hat-trick in Team SCF history! WOOOO!

    Game recap was pretty spot on by cns. First game was comparable to playing against a brick wall constructed on the oppositions blue line. It was like they cloned Brooks Orpik enough times just to make a Brooks Orpik wall on their blue line.

    Second game was an offensive battle, at one point we were up 6-4, but I took four interference penalties in what seemed like five minutes, enabling them to tie the game and put it into OT. That is when cnshockey came up with this little move:

    Game. Set. Match, Team SCF wins 7-6.

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    i would love to play im NYR95 someone add me to their frends list ill be on at 9:30

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    Nice vid eric! and we were up 6-3 not 6-4

    NYR95 - I will invite you to the club in a few. What position are you? Cause we got RW and C on lock for now
    Go Kings Go!
    #8 - Drew "GOD" Doughty.

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