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Thread: Dominik Hasek

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    I'm locking this thread because there was already a Hasek thread when you made this one. All you have to do is post on the other thread saying that you also collect him.

    The rules for this forum are 1 thread per player/team.

    I'm not deleting it because of the replies.


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    i have a 05-06 spx winning materials hasek, two color jersey plus stick bv is 50

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    Dominik Hasek Lot

    I've been out of hockey for years and I am trading all my hockey for Philadelphia Eagles and Phila Phillies. I have 56 Dominik Hasek cards (inserts and base combined)that I am looking to trade. In return I am looking for 5 times the amount of cards I have. So I would be looking for 280 Base Phillies and Eagles cards(any combination of the two) in return(if you are close let me know!). I am not going to list the cards because it is just not worth my time. In return I don't expect you to list any of the cards you have in return either. All the Hasek cards I have are in a Chicago Blackhawks or Buffalo Sabres uniform so that tells you the age of these cards.

    PLMK if any of you are interested!
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    hi have lots of hasek rc , inserts ,commons
    looking for kundqvist and belfour LMK

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    Haseks i have

    1994-95 SP Die Cuts 14 Dominik Hasek $2.50
    2001-02 Pacific Heads-Up Showstoppers 6 Dominik Hasek $4.00
    2003-04 Crown Royale Gauntlet of Glory 9 Dominik Hasek $3.00
    2003-04 Pacific Complete 482 Dominik Hasek $0.75

    1999-00 McDonald's Upper Deck MCD3R Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 $1.00 2000-01 McDonald's Pacific 5 Dominik Hasek $1.00
    2002-03 McDonald's Pacific 11 Dominik Hasek $1.50

    2003-04 Pacific Quest for the Cup 36 Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 $1.50

    2001-02 Pacific Heads-Up 35 Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 $2.00 $0.75 $2.00
    2001-02 UD Honor Roll 48 Dominik Hasek $0.60
    2005-06 Ultra 133 Dominik Hasek $0.75
    2005-06 Upper Deck Rookie Update 65 Dominik Hasek $1.25

    2001-02 McDonald's Pacific 12 Dominik Hasek SP NM-MT Own 1 $1.50

    1991-92 Upper Deck 335 Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 $4.00

    1998-99 Black Diamond 10 Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 $1.25

    2005-06 Hot Prospects 68 Dominik Hasek $1.00
    2005-06 Parkhurst 333 Dominik Hasek $1.50

    2006-07 Upper Deck 319 Dominik Hasek NM-MT Own 1 N/A

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    I've got
    06-07 SPx Winning Materials Hasek (white-white)

    LMK what Leafs you have (GU and autos)


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    I have the following Hasek, LMK if your interested.

    Dominik Hasek 94-95 545 Sabres U.D. "Electric Ice" PA
    Dominik Hasek 95-96 McD-28 Sabres Pinnacle "McDonalds" B
    Dominik Hasek 97-98 SG-39 Sabres U.D. "Smooth Grooves" I
    Dominik Hasek 99-00 H-05 Sabres BAP "Heritage Emerald" #10/10 I
    Dominik Hasek 99-00 28 Sabres Paramount "Silver Halo" #78/99 PA
    Dominik Hasek 03-04 M-3 Red Wings BAP Mem. "Mask"

    Here's a scan of the Heritage Emerald.

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    hi check my bucket (inserts and paralells) looking for belfour and lundqvist

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    I wanna put this back on top so kinda take for a bit as I trying to amass a ever building Dominik Hasek collection.

    In my bucket in PC under Hasek are all the cards so far, anything not listed is what I am currently looking for. My trade section will be growing within wks and I have tons of 90's cards to help out others with their collections.

    Any list throw them up and I'll look through, thanks.

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