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    Have this beauty in hand...for trade..
    From sp game used 08-09
    jonathan toews/carey price duos authentic fabrics
    2 colors, 076/100

    looking for a pretty nice hit in return. Spa, spx, ultimate rcs are welcome.

    A lot of my wants are on my site.


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    any interest in this 08-09spx winning trios 5/99 e.staal,j.staal,m.staal 3clr.
    Kane collector .Hidden Content
    Hidden Content

    The world's first Kaniac!!All my cards are 4 sale 4 the right price.
    Blackhawks for the cup! Tradelist Hidden Content Also collecting Kyle Busch cards.

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    Nice Site. One tip. Have the traders in reverse order. People like to see the new stuff first. That's just me though.

    Any scan of the Price/Toews card.

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    jhockey, no sorry.
    sholi, thanks for the tip. no scanner

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    nobody have some nice rookie or rookie jersey here?

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