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Thread: oh yeah baby it is here

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    Thumbs up oh yeah baby it is here

    my case of golf is here, I will be opeing packs for days.


    it is from 2001 ud golf, so if it is anything you guys want lmk and we can work out a trade.

    pray with me for the woods auto, or the jack nick gold.


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    Even though you always haten on Pitt, good luck pulling a woods auto. That would be a real nice pull.

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    So, what's the prognosis Ryan?

    Any Woods?


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    man it sucked, got 2 gu and 0 auto and 8 tiger rookies thats was about it, I think I barely completed the set, it is a good thing it only cost $150.

    I didn't post back here cause I was so pissed.


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    What game used did you get? I bought 4 boxes for $10 each and pulled a Colin Montgomerie auto. I was thinking of doing the same but saw that 2000 SAGE basketball was $23 a box with 1 auto a pack (12 autos per box). I'm buying 10 boxes for $230 and 120 autos, and a shot at some good NBA guys.


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    don't waste your money read the list above and that is what I got out of 12 freakin boxes, come on UD, I wanted to send the whole case back, but that is what they said GU 1:288 so one per case and auto like 1:3000 so about 11 cases you shoudl get an auto. YOu know how many etopps i could have bought with that money.


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    Oops, I said I pulled a Colin Montgomerie auto, it was a Colin Montgomerie jersey.


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    now that is even worse, those boxes and cases suck, good price I paid though @ $150 for the case, but bad investment anyhow.


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    Golf doesnt bring interest in me for cards. Only Tiger is a good pull, everything else just seems useless.


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