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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRoseBull View Post
    awesome stuff, congrats man! You met Dat Nguyen yet? hes my uncle
    he's actually having a signing today in Dallas. i already have him on a mini helmet and an 8x10. i even had a couple of his jerseys

    Quote Originally Posted by dicekmvp View Post
    Are you going to frame the Irvin like the Ware?
    i sure am

    Quote Originally Posted by RockiesFan33 View Post
    That jersey is gorgeous!
    thanks, looks even better in persen. not bad for $40

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    $40 bucks for the jersey? WOW. let me know if you are going to any of Irvin's signings? Maybe we can work something out for an autographed 8x10? Amazing pick ups by the way. So lucky.

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