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    Group Break results from the local pit with a 1/1!!

    hey guys. just got back from the local pit where we held a group break with one box of 06 NT and one box of 07 NT. i paid for two slots, so got 4 teams. bears, packers, panthers, and jags. lets just say that 3 of my 4 teams got shut out!! but thats ok because that other team gave me 4 of the total 12 hits from the two boxes. here are the goodies....

    07 NT Favre jumbo jersey 19/25

    07 NT Bart Starr Super Bowl Auto 13/15!!

    06 NT Bart Starr / Jim Taylor Dual Super Bowl Autos 4/10!!

    and the best for last......

    07 NT Brett Favre Facemask Auto!!

    oh yeah, forgot to mention.........its a 1/1!!

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    man that has to be a kick ***** feeling thats a awsome card- you keeping it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickysigai View Post
    man that has to be a kick ***** feeling thats a awsome card- you keeping it?
    probably hitting the bay. i am definitely keeping the dual auto, and maybe the starr auto. the favre i will have to sell.

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    Great googley moogely! That's an awesome haul!!!

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    sweet card...i think youll definatley get your money back with that
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