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    A good thing to say about the IRS

    You don't hear too many good stories about the IRS!

    I had some issues with daughter's SSN. I've files with the same SSN for 9 years. Well for 2007 they sent me a letter after I filed saying my daughter's SSN was missing. So I called them and gave them the SSN. They delayed for a while. After a LONG time and finally getting it resolved I finally got my 2007 return today. The good news? They added $50.05 interest. Good to see that when there is a LONG delay that is partially their fault that they pay some interest on the blance.

    Thought I'd share my bad, but finally good experience with the IRS. :)

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    Yeah they're not bad all the time. About a decade ago I owed a large amount of money and they let me make payments.

    And just recently, I gang filed taxes for the last 3 years and I have 6 checks coming to me, of four have already arrived :)

    After 3 years, however, if you are owed money you won't get it.

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    That's good to here Mike. $50 towards cards now lol

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    That is good. About time the IRS does something good.

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    Good to hear Mike!

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