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    Sell value of Dwight Howard 08-09 Topps Signature auto?

    I was wondering what the sell value (not Beckett value) of Dwight's 2008-09 Topps Signature autos are. I was very happy to pull one from the single hobby pack of 08-09 Signature I bought today (I am a low end collector, so any star auto is cool in my book) - but since it is rather high numbered (/2499), I figured the value is probably less than I initially suspected. LMK what you think.

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    ebay prices have them going from anywhere between 11.00 dlvd to 18.00 to 20.00 dlvd..
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    in the last 3 weeks theyve gone as low as $13ish to as high as $24ish
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    the sad part is, the 13 to 24ish range is the highest it will ever be
    most likley will go down to single digits here pretty soon

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    Thanks everyone for the input/comments..I had figured it in the $20 range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JammingJames23 View Post
    Thanks everyone for the input/comments..I had figured it in the $20 range.

    Too bad that's the price of a pack lol

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    At least I didn't lose out that much though. :D

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    I will take a break even pack anyday considering how much I have lost on packs, LOL!!

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