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    You won't beleive this. Not once but TWICE!

    OK, I'm pretty modest about my collection, but it ranks right up there. I have never posted under the "show and tell" but I just have to now.

    About three weeks ago, I picked up 10 packs of 2007 Stealth from a local shop. Out of those 10 packs I pulled a Jarrett 2 color sheetmetal and a Hamlin sheetmetal. Great odds....until I pulled TWO autos from ONE pack! A Jarrett Maxximum Access Auto 15/25 and a David Pearson Auto!

    Well, this weekend, I picked up another 10 random packs at another shop about 2 hrs from home. This one was a real winner. I pulled a 2009 Premium Signature Series Kyle Busch Firesuit card 8/18 and believe it or not, another pack with TWO autos! Out of Wheels AM Thunder, 2006 I pulled a Kenseth auto and a Hamlin Rookie Thunder Auto 157/350!

    I've never had the two autos in one pack happen before this little "mini streak." I'm still pretty shocked, especially when you add in the Busch signature series '09 Premium.

    Here are the pics:

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    Sweet cards, Wish I had that kind of luck. LMK if the kyle is for trade/sale

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    super luck bud.i lik eth emaximum access autos #/25.i have 2 of ricky rudd.was it a redemption?
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    I would trade the Kyle for a Newman Signature Series, and the Hamlin Auto is a double for me, so I would trade that as well. Always looking for nice Newman cards or Adam Petty.

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    That is simply amazing and outstanding! Congrats. I can use Hamlin for my master set of 06 WAT. Have a look in my bucket to see if you can use any of my Newmans (RU only; no autos).

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    amazing!!! i really need that kyle, pcmb almost everything is avaliable.

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    Wow, that is amazing! Congrats on the luck, keep it up! I can use the Hamlin auto if its available. Thanks!

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    PM sent
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    it happened once for me in 2004 Stealth...Kahne and Kurt Busch in the same pack.


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