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Thread: Badr Hari vs Semmy Schilt

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    I watched this. I know way more about MMA than pure kickboxing but these guys are both huge names. I saw Overeem beat Hari and that shocked a lot of people. From what I've read this was a big upset as well. Schilt is a great striker but has never been dominant at MMA. He's lost to most of the big names he's fought although I loved him beating Pete Williams. Kharitonov got the best of him and that kind of put Sergei on the map.

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    Just watched this last night. Pretty happy to see Badr get back on the right track after a couple big loses. I was actually in Japan for the K1 Dynamite when Badr got crushed by Overeem and people hated him after the DQ loss to Remy. Never seen Japanese fans actually boo a fighter until that night. Pretty funny.
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    oh god i hate Hari, buts its cool he got his *** handed to him by overeem, so thats dead, we always need a bad guy, so i can appreciate that.......

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