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    lookg for best card for 30 paypal

    i dont care really who it is just lookin for best card for 30
    auto patchs,autos or maybe a lot ud black and exquisite are plus just seeing wut i could get
    dont want to look at bucketts just make list or scans
    melo and d howard autos are plus could myabe add cardl et me know for nicer card of them
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    Michael Beasley Press Pass Auto Serial #ed /25.
    I paid $45 for it.

    $30 DLVD with DC#.

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    06-07 Trilogy Chris Paul Autofocus auto.
    Hidden Content

    I trade by BV.

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    jermery no thnks
    beex no thanks
    ky-no thanks
    anyone else

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    I've got this I'd do for your $30 Its serial #'D 199/199, last one made

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    Do you like paul pierce???? i have a thread pierce auto's, patches and floor cards with scans if interested

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    I have this Melo RC Auto but would need a little more than 30 for it or a cash/card deal....lmk if interested....thanks.

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