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Thread: A bit of Habs mail

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    A bit of Habs mail

    Koivu Pride of a Nation /25 just came in today, the others came in last week.

    The Price stars of the game from BTP is for trade.

    Picked up the PK for a steal /50 too!

    Additions not pictured are Jean Beliveau Base from 07/08 the Cup as well as the gold version /25. A very nice member also sent me #245 Beliveau career leaders gold /100 from the centennial set!

    Kostitsyn was in trade from m2b2.

    Thanks for the look.

  2. Kronozio
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    very nice cards, wish I could get my hands on a pride of a nation card, way to expensive for me

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    What the deuce is with Carey's auto in this set? I got mine in last week and it's just a puny little signature that uses about 10% of the window. Just awful. Of note, some of the "Future Stars" (the green one) have the old really big auto - what's up with that?
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    I love those Pride of a Nation cards. I wish I could get one for my PC
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    I got lucky with the Koivu, picked it up while no one was watching ;)

    There's one up again, 9 days left and already at $40. I'm glad I got this one!

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