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    1 Box UD Timelines and 3 packs SP Authentic

    Had some free time and the urge to open packs. I am not much of a "pack buster" as I would rather just buy the cards I want but sometimes I get that itch....and the price was right.

    Jesus Flores
    Clayton Kershaw 84/94

    Derek Jeter 5675
    Roger Clemens 6250
    John Wetteland 5650
    John Wetteland 5625

    3 Packs SPA
    Thurman Munson YSL3867
    Jose Reyes Auth Achievements
    Holliday/Hoffman & Jeter/Halliday Marquee Matchups
    and By the Letter Auto David Murphy!!

    All in all a fun break for the price, I am even thinking of putting together the Timelines set for sumthin to chase.

    Thanks for looking.

    P.s. I just refrshed my bucket last night for the first time in months if anybody looking to trade

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    Nice Breaks! Great pull on the Kershaw!!
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    nice breaks. If you want to build the timelines set, i have a ton of base FT/FS. I liked this
    Clayton Kershaw 84/94

    maybe we can do something where i do a ton of base you need and some cards for the kershaw. LMK via PM

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    Way better than mine...

    I have to send in my box and receipt to upper deck... makes me wonder about the case

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    great break if ur willingto trade the kershaw lmk.

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