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    Post your favorite youtube videos!

    If you have any funny youtube videos post them here....

    Heres a few of mine

    Funny pack break video

    Apple Computer

    Some guy named John Daker

    QVC Fail

    QVC Fail

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I got a TON of good videos.. It all depends on what type of stuff people want to laugh at.. Search Bill Dance fishing for some good pranks

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    as much as people talk crap about boxxy, i LOVE her!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedGoneWILD View Post
    LOL @ the 87 pack break....great stuff
    I like the pliers part.

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    there's some good ones I can't post here....go to youtube and search for

    1. "jeff ross shaq" - the funniest 8 minute roast ever

    2. "fat gangster kid in iraq"

    3. "crazy man on live news"

    4. "condi rice freaks out"

    5. "george bush drunk"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteakNchop View Post
    I like the pliers part. 4:50

    "oh my god, you've seen it here first....pat dodson future you know how limited these are? there's probably less than 5 million of these out there."

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    I love this one, just because its my friend that I grew up with getting a cheap shot on him, and his teammate mking a very funny video of it.

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