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Thread: WTTF: 2007-08 UD Exclusives

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    WTTF: 2007-08 UD Exclusives

    This is for those who cannot tell the difference between the regular version to the UD Exclusives #/100 parallel edition:

    2007-08 UD Exclusives #/100 parallels have the following printed in silver on the front:

    and a grayish-silver on the back (at the bottom of card):

    Regular version player name (YG version):

    UD Exclusives version player name (YG version):

    Regular version player name (on back):

    UD Exclusives version player name (on back):

    It is not much different on for regular player cards, except it will be a shiny silver font on front.

    Here are the remaining cards that I am searching for (images of cards through link in my sig):

    199 Nicklas Lidstrom CL
    200 Sidney Crosby CL

    The ONLY one I would be ever looking for a double of is a Carey Price YG.

    If you try to pm me with the regular versions after this explanation of the differences, you will be ignored.
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    Possibly one down, anyone else have any of these?

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    Possibly two down. Does anyone have the Crosby or the Lidstrom checklist #/100? They would have been from series 1.

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    Here is a 2007-08 UD Exclusives #/100 looks like from Series 2:

    Looking for the Series 1 versions as previously mentioned.

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    This is what #199 - Lidstrom checklist #/100 would look like (lettering will in silver):

    This is what #200 - Crosby checklist #/100 would look like (lettering will in silver):

    Here is what an actual UD Exclusives #/100 of a checklist would look like:

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    These are the top priority items:
    1. Panini Prime Genuine Letters - Non Auto GU Letters #3 Andrei Markov #/6 ['M' 'A' 'R' 'K' 'O' 'V']
    2. 2007-08 UD Exclusives #200 - Sidney Crosby checklist #/100
    3. 2007-08 UD Exclusives #199 - Nicklas Lidstrom checklist #/100
    4. 2008-09 UD Black Lettermen #43 - Derick Brassard #/399 letter 'D'
    5. 2009-10 The Cup Dual NHL Shields DS-AY - Andrei Markov/Yannick Weber 1/1
    6. 2008-09 The Cup NHL Shields Dual #DSMK Alex Kovalev/Andrei Markov
    7. All other Andrei Markov 1/1 cards (including printing plates)
    8. 2009-10 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Sixes ST6-00S2 - Oveckhin/Markov/Malkin/Vishnevskiy/Datsyuk/Varlamov #/7
    9. 2009-10 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Eights ST8-MTL - Markov/Bouchard/Price/Beliveau/Robinson/Roy/Gomez/Shutt #/5
    10. 2007-08 Be A Player Signatures Six Star #6SRUS Evgeni Malkin/ Alexander Ovechkin/ Nikolai Zherdev/ Sergei Gonchar/ Andrei Markov/ Ilya Bryzgalov #/8
    11. 2009-10 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Sevens Patch AF7-LBBR Price/Gomez/Cammalleri/Markov/A. Kostitsyn/Plekanec/Hamrlik #/3
    12. 2009-10 SPGU Authentic Fabrics - Eights Patch AF8-RUS Kovalev/Frolov/Ovechkin/Markov/Malkin/Kovalchuk/Antropov/Datsyuk Ovechkin/Malkin/Datsyuk/Kovalchuk/Kovalev/Kozlov/Markov/Frolov 1/1
    13. 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens Centennial Signatures Quad #QUADMKRS Robinson/S. Savard/Markov/Komisarek
    14. 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens Centennial Signatures Triple #TRIOMLS S. Savard/Langway/Markov #/15
    15. 2011-12 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Eights SOT8-LBBR Roy/Lafleur/Beliveau/Robinson/Price/Subban/Eller/Markov #/5
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    Kicking the tires to see if anyone has the 2007-08 UD Exclusives #/100 versions of the series 1 checklists.

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    Monthly kick at the can to see if anyone has them...

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    Anyone have the Lidstrom or Crosby checklist Exclusives #/100 from 2007-08 Upper Deck Series 1?

    Still have never been able to confirm the existence of either of these two parallel cards after a number of years now. Even Upper Deck wouldn't give me a straight answer on these two cards...

    If they exist, may be willing to trade or buy them (if price reasonable).

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