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    Watch out Hawks and the Rest of NHL

    Conference Championship? Really? For most of Game One, it seemed like the Red Wings were playing in the First Round of the playoffs. You know how it is, one of those young teams that barely gets into the playoffs. Maybe they'll win a game or two, put a little bit of a scare into the favorites, but ultimately, just a small step on the way to the Stanley Cup.

    A bump in the road you might say.

    I know this is a seven-game series, but in all reality, if the Wings play like they did for most of Game One, this series won't go any more than four games.

    I may be a little biased, probably more than a little, but come on, Ive read in several places that the Hawks are just as deep as the Wings. Seriously? I've been a hockey fan most of my 24 years of life, and can't name half of the Hawks players, but I know everyone on the Wings. Part of that is they're my team, but I think in all
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    pssht this series is done in 4, or 5 max. Besides there no way the hawks are going to beat detroit 4 of the next 5 games to win the series. No way, No how.

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