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Thread: K-k-k-k-KOBE!!!

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    Just bought this yesterday off of Upperdeckboxbreak. SWEET looking card. Glad I finally found something to spend my paypal on :) Here's a scan. thanx!!

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    dude, seriously haha. didnt you just like collect jr smith the other day? than d-wade before that? than ed reed.

    man you collect tons of guys and i can barely keep up with whats going on, on here haha.

    anyways, sick card. and congrats!

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    Bro...... this wasnt for my player collection if you could read. Sorry, but i had to say it :)

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    lol, well it seems like your avatar changes lots as well as the banner under it... but ok..

    cool card.

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    Just because my avatar and banner changes doesnt mean im collecting that one player. Just switch it up so i can find more of that player during that time. Just put in my sig yesterday the main players im collecting. thanx

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    nice card could be better if it had an action photo

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    Great Pickup! Now who are these other all stars you are collecting? :)
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