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Thread: Card shop trip

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    Card shop trip

    So the nearest card shop is like 25 mins away and i really dont get there often, but today i was in the area for work and stopped in. I bought some random packs of Murad, Treasury and Cosigners. I like the products. Nothing good from those but i also bought a pack of Topps Signature.
    Heres what i got
    Rudy Gay/2325
    Dwayn Wade/ 2325
    Ray Allen Facsimile/ 869
    Dennis Rodman auto /1299

    Im very happy because ive rarely buy packs but oday i thought it would be fun! and for me this is my best Pull ive had personally!!

    These are for trade if anyone needs them

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    Nice Pull on the Rodman!
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    I am interested in the Rodman...what are you looking for in return?
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    I'm also interested, PM me with what you are looking for. Thanks!
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    nice pull. i really need the wade base, if u are willing to do a low end trade plmk

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