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Thread: 3 pack break of 03 sig series

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    3 pack break of 03 sig series

    hey everyone,

    i broke 3 packs of signature series today. here is what i got:

    volchenkov (rookie)
    lemieux (golf)
    jonsson (golf)
    antropov (golf)
    5 he shoots he scores points

    primeau (99-00 be a player sig series buyback auto)

    game used:
    mike comrie jersey

    nice cards. im just glad i pulled a game used of someone i like. i am definitely looking to unload the autos though. let me know if you are interested.

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    YOu did awesome Big. getting a jersey from a BAP product is always sweet, especially when you are just buying packs.

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    bigl0l8477- i checked your wantlist and noticed that you want all UD Ice clear cut autos. I have the Petr sykora from that set. PLMK if you're interested.

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    Yeah those buyback autos are weird... THey say they wont be priced for a while becasue the company itself isnt sure how many were issued of each. I bought a few packs and got the 00 Millennium Rucchin and last years Sig Series Kiprusoff. Nice to get that GU though for sure.

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    yea i was happy. the packs were like $10 each and i knew the buyback auto's were 1:3 packs or something like that so i bought three packs just to be safe. i was happy about pulling the comrie because every other game used i pull i usually dont like the player. overall, i was happy with the packs.

    what year is the sykora. 00-01 or 01-02?

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